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Next Weeks Smallvile - Fragile [07 Apr 2006|05:19pm]
No spoilers dont worry

I read on the WB website that it was directed by Tom Welling. Has he done any other ones??
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Just Ranting [09 Mar 2006|06:32pm]
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BRACES [01 Mar 2006|06:06pm]

and as of March 17 ill have had them for 2 years, which was the estimated time ill need them so they are very on schedule yehha
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<3<3 [19 Feb 2006|09:53pm]
So i have this crush on this Cutie named Curtis
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Yes/No Meme [17 Feb 2006|10:30pm]
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Smallville Episode Questoin on Cyborg [17 Feb 2006|03:54pm]
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[14 Feb 2006|09:02pm]
Image hosting by Photobucket
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Guilt's [14 Feb 2006|05:45pm]

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Grandma's Cooking I absolutely love everything she makes. My favorite is Roast beef with corn, gravy, mashed potatoes, veggies with cheese sauce and yorkshire puddings
Literary: Fairy Tales Always gotta love a happy ending.
Audiovisual: Smallville Best show on the face of earth. I refuse to miss an episode. And it must be dead silennt and pitch black when watching. Plus TOM TOM TOM TOM!
Musical: Techno. I love songs that have a fast beat.
Celebrity: Tom Welling Not that I really need to just hearing his name you already understand.

Now I tag:-

amandajane5 nyaubaby rjchasez like_cheap_wine and beeej

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.
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[14 Feb 2006|05:35pm]
Ground Rules: Name your Top 20 List Of Lust, in no particular order. Your neighbor or grade school teacher doesn't count. The list can be male, female or mixed. They can be real life celebrities or characters in a movie or TV show. For example, you might want to gag Scott Patterson, while still lusting after Luke Danes. Tag 5 people on your flist to do this meme.

01. Tom Welling #1!!!
02. Jake Gyllenhaal
03. Ryan Renyolds
04. Ashton Kutcher
05. Brad Pitt
06. Clark
07. Kal-El
08. Kristin Kreuk
09. Jared Padalecki
10. Jennifer Aniston
11. Avril Lavigne
12. Johnny Knoxville
13. Seth Green
14. Scarlett Johanson
15. Natalie Portman
16. Matthew Lillard
17. Angelina Jolie
18. Heath Ledger
19. Dax Shepard
20. Mark Ruffalo

Of course without any particular order, except the first place ;)
and I tag: annemarisduskwillowimmal0serbabyvoldythingrawien_8706
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*heart* [14 Feb 2006|05:19pm]
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone :)
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[07 Feb 2006|04:44pm]
Which Smallville Character are You?Collapse )
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grounded [30 Jan 2006|01:52pm]
so i am grounded from the computer for this week and possibly not aloud to go out with my friends because i was drinking at a friends party... so i am allowed to check email once a day and thats it. it sucks but its a fair punishment i suppose..
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Smallville 100th Episode: Reckoning [26 Jan 2006|08:33pm]
[Music:Monster Hospital - Metric]

You've broken my heart
Spoilers & my thoughtsCollapse )
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Smallvillemedia [25 Jan 2006|04:18am]
smallvillemedia Join Today :)
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Icons [19 Jan 2006|01:24pm]
[Music:Sheryl Crow - Good is good]

Here are two Icons of Lana :) Enjoy. If you take comment and credit me. If you don't take you can always leave a comment on your thoughts about them, or comment on how I can inprove. :)

1.Image hosted by Photobucket.com2.Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Yeeaahhhaaa [19 Jan 2006|01:16pm]
[Music:Michelle Branch - It's You]

I get the next two weeks of school off for exams, and I only have to write one yippy!! :D
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Icons [13 Jan 2006|11:08pm]
[Mood:Bored]Image hosted by Photobucket.com
[Music:Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap]

These are some icons I entered in icon tests at cloisicontest and _sv_challenge.They didn't win anything, but I will post anyway.

If you take, please Comment and Credit. If you don't take, it is always good to Comment and tell me what you think of them, and maybe give me some suggestions or pointers for next time.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
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[12 Jan 2006|06:43pm]
Your Homicidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
Your name:
Weapon of Choice:A fishing rod
Your Favorite Target:Prostitutes
Your Kill Count:57,074,264
Your Battle Cry:"Touch me, I'm happy!"
Years You Spend in Jail:46
How Much Money In Damages You Cause:$217,353,754,590,252
Your Homocidal Insanity Level:: 41%
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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[11 Jan 2006|04:32pm]
[Mood: Embarrassed]

Today on my way to second class, I fell UP the stairs, my books flew everywhere, and I landed on the floor, and the stair well was crowded and everyone laughed at me, as NO ONE bothered to help me pick up my books :(
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[10 Jan 2006|03:51pm]
[Mood: Interested]
[Music: Clubfoot - Kasabian]

seen on itsaslashything's page

You post a topic, list, category, whatever, in my comments section. (examples: "5 Sexiest Things About Ron Weasley" or "Top 5 things to drink"). Then, in a separate post, I'll post the answers to all your Top 5 ideas, according to me. Then you post this offer in your own journal.

Don't be shy now people, step right up :)
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Birthday Ticker [10 Jan 2006|03:43pm]
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Icons [10 Jan 2006|03:18pm]
[Mood: Good]
[Music: This is your life - Switchfoot]

These are two icons I entered in an icon test at smville_iconic.They didn't win anything, but I really liked them so I thought I would share them.

If you take, please Comment and Credit. If you don't take, it is always good to Comment and tell me what you think of them, and maybe give me some suggestions or pointers for next time.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com  Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Meme [10 Jan 2006|02:31pm]
[Mood: Happy] Image hosted by Photobucket.com
[Music: L.O.V.E. - Ashlee Simpson]

seen on like_cheap_wine's page

The problem with LJ:
We all think we are so close, but really we know nothing about each other. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away.

And, because I like_cheap_wine decided to do it and I think it is a good idea, i will aslo do a picture meme.
Tell me what you'd like to see and I'll take a picture of it and post it on my journal.
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[09 Jan 2006|09:37pm]
seen on pheonyx4's page:

Your Love Element Is Earth

In love, you have consistency and integrity.
For you, love is all about staying grounded and centered.

You attract others with your zest for life and experiences.
Your flirting style is defined by setting the scene, creating a unique moment in time.

Steady progress and stability are the cornerstones of your love life.
You may take things too slowly, but you never put your heart at risk.

You connect best with: Fire

Avoid: Wood

You and another Earth element: need each other too much to build a good foundation
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[09 Jan 2006|04:28pm]
seen on annemaris's page

Top Commenters on soccernut17's LiveJournal
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Smallville Question [08 Jan 2006|04:23pm]
What episode was it when Clark is helping Lana fix a pipe at the Talon and he ends up using his heat vision and ends up getting all soaked??
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One lonely icon [08 Jan 2006|04:05pm]
So there is this one lonely little icon I entered in a contest, and it won MOD's Choice, so I decided I should share it.

If you do take it, please comment and credit.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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The New Years Effect [08 Jan 2006|02:15pm]
seen on feelthis's page

soccernut17's LJ New Year Party (Now At Least 30% Politically Correct!)

Started : 31st December 2005 07:58:50 PM

Ended : 01st January 2006 08:53:57 AM
Alco Money! : $ 496

Guests of Honour

louisemcgregor is a powerless Taoist. louisemcgregor drank 1 Cosmopolitan.
itsaslashything is an unfortunate Buddhist. itsaslashything drank 8 Lagers.
nyaubaby is a graceful Hindu. nyaubaby drank 4 Lagers, 7 Pulques, 2 Sherrys, 6 Mescals.
miss_snoopy25 is a horrid Atheist who enjoys booby trapping school buses with powerful incediary devices. miss_snoopy25 drank 16 Brandys.
beeej is a dismayed Wiccan. beeej drank 5 Vodkas, 3 Absinthes, 2 Hot Toddys, 2 Coffee Liqueurs.
duskwillow is a good-humored Muslim and usually an abstainer from all things alcoholic. duskwillow drank 10 Ales, 2 Hot Toddys, 7 Vermouths.
soccernut17 is a good-natured Buddhist. soccernut17 drank 14 Stouts, 2 Kahluas.
msmya is a spirited Atheist. msmya drank 12 Lagers.
breanneyy23 is an up-tight Wiccan and a newbie boozer. breanneyy23 drank 1 Gin, 2 Sambuccas, 2 Stouts, 2 Lagers, 4 Ales.
soccernut17 is a boring Muslim and a raging alcoholic who makes Shane McGowan look like your local vicar. soccernut17 drank 1 Pilsner, 12 Aftershocks, 1 Hot Toddy, 1 Kahlua.
medie is a low-spirited Hindu and a tubthumping lunatic. medie drank 1 Vodka, 3 Hot Toddys, 1 Aligator Bite.


Anyone for tomato soup? There's enough of it on the floor from last night! About 8 portions in fact!


And the cat is finally out of the bag! louisemcgregor and nyaubaby have announced that they are deeply in love and that a wedding is planned in the New Year.

The Drunkest

Dear God nyaubaby! I cannot bear the smell! Your breathe is like a dank beer soaked cellar!

Random Events

soccernut17 was arrested for screaming "Hot Sushi Yon Kebab!" at a war veteran
who happened to be hobbling past the house at the time.

According to soccernut17 you can kill a dolphin by gluing up its blowhole with marmite.

Happy New Year!

Do you believe in all of that New Years Resolution shit? If not, celebrate the New Year as you mean to go on with the ultimate new years party from hell!

Enter your name below to experience the ultimate in complete useless bollocks!

Your Hero God Loves Coke.

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[06 Jan 2006|10:41pm]
Your Stipper Song Is

Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard

"Love is like a bomb, baby, c'mon get it on
Livin' like a lover with a radar phone
Lookin' like a tramp, like a video vamp
Demolition woman, can I be your man?"

Break out the baby oil, you rock it old school.
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Happy Birthday [06 Jan 2006|02:55pm]
A very happy birthday wish out to nyaubaby.
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